my photoFood has always been my great passion hence my continued craving to experiment with new ideas. Having qualified in Home Economics, I was fortunate to have worked with the likes of The Meat Board, Pick and Pay, Woolworths and Premier Foods, which gave me the experience to enable me to write nine successful recipe books. Each recipe featured in these books I personally developed and styled.
Freelancing for well-known food related name brands has seen me develop my recipes and food styling, mostly from my studio in Cape Town. My work also appears on Bill boards and in magazines, advertising and restaurant menus.

I believe in compiling recipes that are consumer friendly, so by using easy obtainable ingredients, my job is automatically made interesting, ensuring that I remain creative. The local and international film industry has taken to my work incorporating my style into their TV advertisements

Food and its ability to bring people together have over the past decade developed into a global addiction encompassing most cultures. It has enhanced my interest to travel and learn as much about food trends abroad as possible. It shows its versatility in every form of life. FOOD IS LIFE! (literally)

I believe in living my life in abundance and to the full and recently ventured into oil painting appreciating the beauty and visual experience.

Styling shot